Repair of hydromanipulators, harvesters, forwarders


We carry out all kinds of welding work with professional semiautomatic equipment at affordable prices.


Lathe machining is carried out by means of a cutter rigidly fixed in the lathe's toolholder by means of cutting of a rotating workpiece.


Milling is the machining of metal using a milling cutter. It is performed on different types of milling machines and consists of routing slots, different planes, grooves as well as the outer contours of cylindrical workpieces.

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The seats for bearings, shafts and other parts gradually wear out during the operation of special machinery, attachments. Loose holes lead to deformations, fuel and lubricant leakage and malfunctions. Without timely action, machines and equipment fail, disrupting schedules and work deadlines. Complete replacement of covers, housings and seats is a time-consuming and costly operation for which there is not always the money to spare. Radial openings can be reanimated using modern technology. The North-West Holding Company Group restores worn out openings using the hubbing and boring method, at affordable prices. Bushing is a more reliable method than surfacing.

Our services also include:

  • Replacing gears in collons (hydraulic manipulators, harvesters, forwarders)
  • Repair of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic cylinder rods


Welding work on steel structures is carried out by qualified welders with relevant approvals for hot work and with professional semi-automatic equipment at affordable prices.

Welding of metalwork is carried out on site by several specialists in a short time and in a very short space of time.

Professional semi-automatic welding is used in the preparation, assembly and installation of metalwork.

Semi-automatic welding is carried out with a special wire and gas cylinders must be connected to create a protective environment and prevent oxidation. It is a universal technology which allows the joining of cast iron, steel and stainless steel parts. It is suitable for components over 0.5 mm thick and is also quick. There is no smoke emitted in the process, which creates a comfortable environment for the welder and allows you to weld almost non-stop.

We perform the complete range of work, so it is possible to order cutting to size, welding them, assembling them into an enclosure and much more at once. Depending on the volume, we determine the time it takes to carry out the welding work and the price of the order.


The group of companies “North-West Holding” perform turning works of the following kinds: manufacturing, reworking, milling in accordance with customer’s drawings. We accept orders for the following types of turning work:

  • External and internal processing of cylindrical or conical metal workpieces.
  • Drilling, threading of various kinds, countersinking and reaming.
  • Grooving, facing, shoulder sharpening.
  • Creating and turning workpieces with irregular shapes and sizes with a certain degree of roughness.

We work with metals such as structural and tool steel, brass, aluminium, bronze and stainless steel.


  • When a metal part has broken down and it is expensive to buy a new one or it takes a long time to get one made to order.
  • If you are tuning your technique, motorbike, scooter, car or bike and need a non-standard part.
  • When you need a non-standard part that is not available in shops.
  • When you need a part for a gardening tool, power tiller or anything else.
  • Turning work is needed, if you need to mill parts for machine tools, household and other equipment.
  • If you need to make a pulley, shaft, pin, nut or bolt with a cunning thread.
  • When you need to modify the metal workpiece – to bore, grind, grind a disc brake, for example, to grind parts to your drawings or sketches out of metal, stainless steel, aluminum or alloy.
  • Weld on a frame, bracket or structure. Drill holes. If necessary, rework with a file.
  • When holes of a certain diameter have to be drilled etc.


Turnery and milling work involves the use of specially equipped machines with high precision of cut and rotation, thanks to which it is possible to obtain parts in a wide variety of configurations.

Metal turning is done by a combination of two movements:

  • Rotation of the workpiece clamped in the machine chuck.
  • The feed movement made by the tool in the process.

Thanks to the great variety of types of production equipment, craftsmen in the lathe workshop can select the appropriate technology to ensure high quality, competitive prices.


  • When you order turning at our company you will get a finished product just in time.
  • We work with customer’s drawings when a non-standard part is required.
  • We can produce the part according to our technical designs.
  • Our specialists will do work of any complexity, regardless of the size and configuration of the part, and create a surface with the required level of roughness.
  • We stand behind our commitment legally – this ensures that the parts we turn will be of high quality.
  • We carry out the full range of turning work required to produce dies, cutting and measuring tools, extrusion dies, castings, bushings and more.
  • We carry out the turning work in our workshop under strict supervision.

The cost of metal works takes into account the volume, complexity of machining and the period in which the order is to be fulfilled.


The group of companies “North-West Holding” offers milling work on metal. Modern high-precision equipment allows us to process any metal, creating products that are in strict compliance with the provided technical documentation. Our specialists are ready to perform both piece and serial orders. Milling work involves the processing of metal parts using milling cutters of various configurations. Machining is performed by rotation of the cutter with translational motions in different directions of the rigidly fixed machined workpiece.


In modern industry, the most commonly used in metal milling applications are vertical milling machines which are characterized by high precision and are suitable for performing a wide range of operations such as: drilling, countersinking, threading with different pitches, milling holes, workpiece machining on the edges and ends, production of oversized blanks in both series and singlepiece production. These machines can be operated manually, automatically and CNC-controlled in order to exclude the possibility of the human factor and thus to obtain parts of high quality without rejects.


Our company offers turning, milling, boring, metal heat treatment and gear cutting services to companies and individuals, fulfilling requests for any volume of products.

We guarantee:

  • Manufacturing products in strict accordance with established standards, customer drawings.
  • Development of additional technical documentation (if necessary).
  • The speed of execution of works.
  • Accuracy and quality of manufactured parts that, after manufacturing, necessarily undergo technical control.
  • Affordable prices.