One of the Group’s main strategic objectives since its founding has been to build an efficient forestry operation with a sufficient supply of high-quality raw materials.

Today, forestry operations enable the Group to confidently execute ambitious projects to create highly competitive wood processing facilities.

Technology and machines


The company uses the Scandinavian way of logging. It is based on full automation of all processes. Lumber is harvested using environmentally friendly assortment methods. High-powered logging equipment is operating in all areas of the company. Modern machinery allows increasing efficiency, decreasing production costs and making the work of operators and drivers safe and comfortable.



Our transportation department is part of the harvesting process chain. Our priority is to ensure no lost time and no downtime at any stage of the harvesting process. Minimum skidding, well-planned loading areas, modern sorting and unloading terminals, and well-trained and motivated personnel allow all processes to run smoothly and quickly.



The company has a road construction service that builds and maintains forest roads. The unit ensures year-round logging. Summer and winter roads are built two years in advance. Modern, heavy haulage trucks require a quality road surface. The road service’s main task is to build roads that are reliable and durable.